TransAsia Flight 235 Crash on Initial Climb, at Taipei, Taiwan on 2/4/2015

Here’s a collection of reports, video, and other information about the crash of TransAsia Flight 235, an ATR-72 operated by a Taiwan-based low-cost carrier: TransAsia Flight 235 was scheduled to fly approximately one hour to Kinmen Islands, just east of Xiamen in mainland China:20150204scp.. TransAsia Flight 235, map Taipei to Kinmen Island (FlightRadar24) The Taipei Songshan Airport is northeast of the downtown core, and has an east-west runway. The accident aircraft departed toward the east, off of Runway 10. Just east of the airport is the Keelung River, flowing north and west (to join the Tamsui River before flowing into the Taiwan Strait). Here is an airport vicinity map. [LINK to source]20150204scp.. TransAsia Flight 235, map vicinity of Songshon Airport 

Text summary at ASN: “The airplane took off from Taipei-Sung Shan Airport’s runway 10 at 10:51 hours local time and turned right, climbing to an altitude of 1350 feet. Instead of continuing the climbing right hand turn, the airplane turned left and began losing altitude and speed. Meanwhile, about 10:53, the flight contacted the Sung Shan Tower controller declaring a Mayday and reporting an ‘engine flameout’. It then turned to the right before banking almost 90 degrees left again as it hit a taxi on a viaduct. Parts of the left hand wing broke off upon hitting the barrier of the viaduct. The airplane impacted the Keelung River and came to rest inverted.”

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