Two Websites, Spawned by FAA’s NextGenHell, South of San Francisco

20150610cpy.. SoSSantaCruz website header image, thenVnow arrivals changed by NextGenBarely three months ago, FAA flipped the switch for new NextGen ‘thinner and lower’ arrival routes into SFO, and the impact on people living in previously quiet areas, from Capitola to Millbrae, has been horrendous. In keeping with their ‘NextGenHell’ pattern, FAA funds were paid to a contractor (on a list of contractors who collect huge contract fees each year) and the contractor gave FAA what they want: a pro-aviation report that is huge in both public cost and page volume. (Frankly, the FAA-funded NextGen and OAPM reports have become so overblown in recent years, there is no practical way for a concerned citizen to process their content; public forum participation, even by informed professionals, has been all but destroyed; of course, this is likely FAA’s intent)

The impacted people are up in arms, and they are rapidly organizing. In fact, two groups are very active and up with websites: Sky Posse Palo Alto, and Save Our Skies Santa Cruz.

20150610scp.. clip showing next meeting and 'NoFlyDay 8-19'Both websites are very informative. And, both websites are rich with content that can help others to develop NextGenHell-related websites in other communities across the nation.

Both groups want FAA to scrap the new SERFR arrival route until a meaningful and valid Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is done (none has been done yet).

SOS Santa Cruz’s website lists many events, including a 6/25/2015 public meeting in Santa Cruz. And, they are coordinating a National ‘No Fly Day’ on August 19th, where we all need to NOT fly to protest FAA’s failure to responsibly fix the growing NextGen debacles.

It is great to see there are people who care enough about where they live and  work, that they will fight FAA’s NextGen to reclaim quality of life. And, the more we share our campaigns online, the more we help each other across the country to end this NextGenHell.