U.S. General Aviation Fatalities are Sharply Down this Year

Some good news: General Aviation fatalities have declined sharply in the first forty days of 2014. Whereas on this date in 2013, there had been 21 fatal accidents and 41 fatalities in the U.S., for 2014 the numbers are 7 fatal accidents and 14 fatalities 10 fatal accidents and 18 fatalities.

It appears that this year’s crashes tend to involve commercial flying and poorer weather, while the 2013 crashes mostly involved recreational pilots and better weather. Perhaps this year, GA pilots are reducing their flying hours, and being more cautious to avoid flying during marginal weather. It will be interesting to see how leaded Avgas fuel sales turn out for this winter-spring; a substantial reduction would not be surprising.

UPDATE, 2/12/14: — two crashes in Florida were announced and added (a Friday evening Piper crash, and a Saturday evening helicopter crash: also, a lost plane in Arkansas with one fatality was announced on 2/11/14.

Here are links to the accident indices: 2013Q1 Fatals2014Q1 Fatals