The maltreatment that often happens toward whistleblowers can be extremely unsettling. This part of the website offers examples of Whistleblower retaliation, then provides guidance and resources to help those enduring Whistleblower retaliation. While this was produced by an FAA Whistleblower, the content is applicable to all types of Whistleblowers.

Here are the links:

  • aiR-LinkAn FAA Whistleblower’s Case Study
    …an extensively documented account of FAA retaliation against a Whistleblower who spoke up about a near-midair and an actual midair collision (in San Jose) that FAA managers failed to document. The air traffic controller had a 22-year FAA career with no disciplinary record, then was slandered and fired just six-months prior to his retirement eligibility. He then filed an Appeal at MSPB, was repeatedly offered an illegal ‘disability retirement’, and finally had to retire as a so-called ‘voluntary settlement’ to collect his earned retirement pension. The fascinating part of this account is that it shows the years of effort expended, mostly via FOIA, for the Whistleblower to slowly reveal FAA’s improper actions and identify the small number of corrupt FAA officials.
  • aiR-LinkWhistleblower Support
    …an analysis of the dilemma faced by Whistleblowers, with tips on how to survive the ordeal. This webpage also seeks to help those related to Whistleblowers to better understand the difficulties being faced by their family member, coworker, or friend.
  • aiR-LinkWhistleblower Resources
    …information (including links) about the governmental entities, advocacy groups and laws that exist to support Whistleblowers.