A Case Study

Here you will find the documents showing an example of how a few FAA officials retaliated against one controller who spoke up about safety matters. The boxes below are all links to aspects of the case….

The Large Picture:

The Lewis-FAA Whisteblower Retaliation Case

The People Connected to this Case:

A Who’s Who for the Lewis-FAA Case

Timelines & Chronologies:

Narrative Summary & Timeline

One-page Chronology

A Timeline showing Concealment

Other Documents:

The Key Records improperly concealed by FAA officials

FAA Use of ‘Rocket Docket’ to Scuttle MSPB Appeals (Early 2009)

FOIA Lawsuit CV-01458-AC (filed 12/5/11)

August 2012 ULP, filed against both FAA and NATCA