…it only takes a TV set

One FAA whistleblower’s journey began when he spoke up about this TV set.

If you happen to have one of these distractions in your workplace,
be careful how you handle it.

In this example, the TV was at an FAA air traffic control tower, wired into a tower cab cabinet with internal electric and antenna feed, for convenient workplace viewing. This example impacted air traffic safety in an FAA workplace, but the problem might exist in any federal workplace.

The thing to understand is that, if you are a federal civil servant and you witness waste, fraud or abuse of authority in your workplace, then you are required to report the facts to an appropriate authority. Sometimes the authority is running a clean shop; sometimes they are just maintaining a racket. So he or she may appreciate your report, or they may immediately label you a troublemaker. Sadly, most often, you will experience the latter.

In other words, if you think (or know) you are working within  a corrupted work culture, when you “blow the whistle”, you WILL become a threat, and you WILL endure retaliation. You may even lose your job.

Symptoms that you may be a Whistleblower:

  • WB’s are commonly subjected to hostile work conditions.
  • WB’s are treated disparately, ostracized, excessively disciplined and threatened.
  • WB’s are subjected to intimidation and badgering, slandered, even physically assaulted.
  • Higher agency officials will commonly ‘look the other way’ while the one or two rogue officials conduct their bullying tactics.
  • Those who have never experienced whistleblower retaliation likely cannot perceive the enormous power imbalance between the lone whistleblower and the retaliating agency official.
  • If you boldly stand up against the bullying official, you will find other officials circling the agency wagons and offering blind support to that rogue official.
  • The entire experience is surreal, wasteful … and simply wrong.

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So … should YOU blow the whistle?

Absolutely. A life may depend on it.

link — a link to the Lewis-FAA Whistleblower Retaliation Case