Why Action at COP21 is Important

The evidence of climate change is profound – and quite scary, too. So much so that many choose to ignore it, or may be simply psychologically unable to accept it.

Here is a 44-minute video, Abrupt Climate Change 2015 Information. The video is loaded with images and comments by scientists and climatologists, including Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwith, Natalia Shackhova, Eric Rignot and others. It is a sobering video, well worth a critical viewing:

And, here is a PDF with five images selected from the video:

This pop-out view is scrollable, and the PDF copy may be downloaded.

Of course, we all hope that the content of this video is exaggerated. Our problem, though, is it may instead be underestimating the severity of our looming situation. So, let’s demand action by our elected officials – and the delegates at COP21. Let’s also hope that the COP21 delegates flew to Paris to do their important work, not just to spend two weeks vacationing in Paris. They must not ignore this potential climate change disaster; they need to proceed aggressively, so as to protect our one planet for the next generation.
Marble on Green

“It turns out, we can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet with no consequences.”

– Guy McPherson’s opening comment in ‘Abrupt Climate Change 2015 Information’

See also:
  • Delivering on 2°C: evolution or revolution? – a 54-minute lecture by Kevin Anderson, on YouTube.
  • There’s No Tomorrow – a 35-minute YouTube animation video by Incubate Pictures, in association with Post Carbon Institute. Offers a very informative, straight-forward explanation of the geology, economics, history and politics, starting with the climate that created fossil fuels (and mass extinctions) 90 million years ago, and arriving at our current accelerated return to that lethal hothouse environment.